We at Arranmore Ferry always thought Rachael was the best, now the whole of Donegal knows it!

Rachael Early with Arranmore Ferry arriving into Burtonport to celebrate her win!

Each month the Letterkenny Business awards, in association with Belfast Airport, Letterkenny Chamber, Donegal News and Sponsored by Boyd HQ aims to recognise the hard work, outstanding service and professional attitude of employees across the Letterkenny and municipal district.

These recipients each receive a Shop LK voucher and will be in line to win the 2019 Employee of the Year Award!

The Letterkenny Business awards received a nomination for Rachael Early for the month of June and deemed her worthy of being put to a public vote. With a massive fanbase on Arranmore Island, Rachael easily won the vote.

We've known for a long time that Rachael was awesome, she keeps the ferry running around the clock, makes sure all our customers are happy and always goes the extra mile.


We've even hidden an Easter Egg in our Alexa Skill in Rachael's honour.

If you haven't downloaded our Alexa skill yet, you can learn all about it on this blog post, or on our main site.

Hey Alexa, Launch Arranmore Ferry

Who is Rachael Early?

We won't post the video of Rachael singing this song, we'll save that for if she wins the Employee of the Year!

Rachael Early of Arranmore Blue Ferry Office is the June Employee of the Month winner, she is pictured with Ryan Diver, Donegal News and Aoibhinn Boyd, Boyd HR ( award sponsor)

The Arranmore Ferry team, would like to take this moment and thank Rachael for all her hard work over the years. This award is truly earned and absolutely deserved!